Michael Matthews

Chairman and CEO

As the Chairman and CEO at MobileAware, Michael takes a hands-on approach in guiding the team in its strategy, product and vision. Michael has held board and executive roles with a number of high-profile names in the telecom industry.


Kevin Peters

Board Director

Having served in executive roles with major telecom companies, Kevin provides valuable insights on market trends and values. His experience and observations have helped MobileAware become a strong product company.


Armin Gebauer

Head of Business Development

Specializing in all things mobile, Armin leads the global team at MobileAware. Armin has professional relationships across the mobile industry and a deep understanding of the core issues facing mobile network operators as they look to alternate services and networks to drive market capitalization and profit. He has expertise in building top-performing sales and technology teams that deliver best-in-class user experiences in mobile for global enterprises.


Kevin Johnson


Kevin is responsible for all of the financial and administrative operations of the company. He brings more than 20 years of operational and financial leadership experience and a track record of success to MobileAware.


Jesse Brouhard


Jesse brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to MobileAware’s tech teams as the CTO. Jesse previously served in multiple functions including product management, technology leadership, intellectual property and technical sales at startups and large technology companies. From his consumer facing e-commerce and financial services software experience, he deeply appreciates the importance of intuitive enterprise systems with thorough quality, security, scalability and reliability. 


Satish Gopalakrishnan

Director of Engineering

A full-stack technologist, Satish specializes in all things technology, with a special emphasis on system architecture. His passion for the technical space is matched by his ability to lead and mentor other engineers and to encourage conversation that fosters innovation and improvement.


Mike Nicastro

Director of Quality Assurance

Placing a strong emphasis on performance and automation test strategy and vision, Michael has worked in Software Quality Assurance for over fifteen years. Michael is a champion of stringent processes that ensure that all software is of the upmost quality.


Aubrey Cheung

Director of Solutions Consulting

As the Director of Solutions Consulting, Aubrey recognizes the importance of accuracy, transparency, and integrity in the sales process and delivers those qualities in his engagements with all prospective and new clients. 


Manickam Muthukumar

Principal Engineer

Keeping up with new technology and trends in data and analytics, Manickam constantly works to make MobileAware’s solutions smarter, deeper, more stable and more secure. He ensures that the company stays up-to-date in its use of software and databases while constantly refreshing its own analytics to create a reliable, comprehensive solution for our customers


Antonio Garcia-Urgeles


With over twenty years of executive experience in IT and mobile, Antonio offers valuable expertise in the European markets. Antonio’s experience gives him a strong understanding of how to balance scalability and customer experience to provide a world-class mobile solution.


Ines Leopoldo


Having served as a director at Telefonica, Ines has a firm grasp of the technical landscape and mobile market in South America.